Children's prescription sports goggles

At Gillie Opticians we know that having the correct specialist sports eyewear, will enable your children to enjoy their favourite sports. Our sports goggles, frames, and lenses won’t just protect your child’s eyes, but give you the freedom to enjoy your chosen sport with confidence.

We understand that all too often wearing glasses can hinder your enjoyment or can even stop children playing the sports they love.

The rules for children in many sports are now very strict on those wearing glasses. Often, a child isn’t able to participate unless the correct specialist protective glasses or goggles are worn.

We offer an excellent range in sports goggles and glasses.

We won’t just provide one type of eyewear to fit all. We will discuss the sport or sports you participate in and then establish the requirements of each, to ensure the options provided will meet your sporting needs.

Whatever your child’s prescription or sport, we will have the solution for you

Our sport goggles and glasses include:

  • High impact frames and lenses
  • Shaped frames and lenses to maximise vision
  • Anti-glare to suit sun, snow and water
  • UV protection – to eliminate harmful rays

Swimming, ball sports and skiing – whatever your child’s sport, we have you covered.