How do I get contact lenses?

Contact lenses are medical devices that must fit your eyes and suit your vision needs. They therefore have to be prescribed by an optician.

Book an appointment

Schedule a combined eye examination and contact lens fitting. This will usually be with an optometrist. Your first fitting will take a little longer than a regular eye exam.

Gillie Optician’s will check your vision and eye health. We will also make sure contact lenses are suitable for your vision correction needs.

Your eyes can provide a unique window into your general health, so your optician will be looking for signs you are physically healthy too.

Have your contact lens fitting

Your contact lens prescription will indicate the vision correction you need as well as the measurement of your eyes. This ensures that your contact lenses will have the right curvature and diameter for an effective, comfortable fit.

Try some on for size

The first time you try contact lenses it can take a little time for them to settle. We may leave your trial lenses in for at least 10 minutes to check they fit comfortably. And you may need to try on more than one pair before he or she is satisfied they are just right for you.

Choose the right contact lenses for you

Different types of contact lenses require different amounts of care. Your optician will help you choose the right lenses for your lifestyle and vision needs.
You can find out more about how to choose the right contact lens for you here.

A lesson in wearing

You’ll get used to putting in and taking out your contact lenses in no time at all. Your optician will give you a demonstration to show you how to do it and they may give you some written instructions to take home too.

A lesson in caring

If you opt for daily disposable contact lenses, you can simply discard them at the end of each day. Reusable contact lenses require a little more care. Your optician will show you how to clean and care for them.

Time to buy

We are likely to have the right lenses for your vision needs in stock, so you’ll be able to take some home straight away. Your full supply will sometimes need to be ordered and you’ll usually get them within a week.

Enjoy your contact lenses

Now you’ve got your lenses, you can start enjoying your life without glasses getting in the way of how you look and want to live!

Don’t forget to have regular check ups. Your vision correction needs can change over time. Visit your optician as requested to check the health of your eyes and that you are still wearing the right contact lens prescription. If your contact lenses become uncomfortable or you notice your eyesight deteriorating, don’t wait for your next appointment – book an appointment as soon as you can.